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ClinicPlus 8.0i
Integrated Healthcare Management

 ”The Complete Solution for Outpatient Medical Management & Billing”


System Overview

The integrated clinical management solution is a proven and effective solution for integrating outpatient service providers. Benefits of the integrated clinical management solution:

Effective management of outpatient healthcare benefits.

Suitable for factories, organizations with more than 500 employee, colleges and universities.

Instant patient verification using student card, employee pass or MyKad.

On-line utilization reports and billing transactions.

One platform for in-house clinics and panel clinics outside the organisation.

Cost effective & reliable communication medium between clinics and the management office.

 We at TRM Nett Systems Sdn. Bhd., have developed, implemented and maintaining various healthcare solutions especially on outpatient management. We have done abundance of knowledge transfer and experience in clinic operations and panel interaction into a software product to assist health service providers & administrators to effectively manage healthcare entitlements & benefits.

Among our core products and services: 

  1. Multi Clinic Billing Integration

  2. Complete Clinical Management & Work Flow Management

  3. Claims processing for MCO & Insurance companies

  4. TPA (Third Party Administration) solutions


Administration Module - Features  

Update in-house clinics / panel clinics with current employee list, student list and their medical entitlement

Clinics can check status, verify employee/student entitlements at any time.

Receive month end billing electronically with zero data entry. 

Verify medical billing from various in-house clinics and panels. 

Produce payment advice to accounts department. 

Monitor & analyze clinic’s charges. 

Monitor & analyze medical benefit utilization in terms of diagnoses and treatments

Monitor & analyze medical leaves.

Customized Requirements & Reports

Hardware & Communication Requirements

In-house Clinics / Panel Clinics

 VPN Client

Windows XP Operating System

Minimum Pentium III with 128 MB RAM

Broadband or dial-up internet access


 Administration Office

 VPN Server

Minimum Windows 2000 Server Operating System

Microsoft SQL Server 7.0


 Technical Detail (Development & Deployment) & Software Development Platform:


This Customised Solution is a 32-bit client/server application with an n-tier architecture specifically designed to comply with Microsoft’s DNA-M 2000 initiative. It runs as a stand alone system or on Windows network using Microsoft Access ® or SQL Server ® databases. This solution uses COM, ODBC, OLE/DB and ADO technologies and is fully compliant Windows application written in Visual Basic and Visual C++ programming languages.

Windows Based System (Win 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000)

Network Ready

Client Server Architecture

 Build-in Fax and E-mail Functions



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