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ClinicPlus - Screen Shots


ClinicPlus is a Complete Clinic Management Software. It covers the complete work flow a GP (General Practitioner) and Specialist Clinics. This user friendly yet comprehensive software solution will tremendous amount of work load for the clinics. With this great tool, clinics can drastically reduce the administration and management hassle and dedicate their time to providing quality healthcare services.

 Without proper control on cash collection, drugs inventory & claims submission (billing) any medical practice can lose substantial income based on services rendered.

Click here view Clinicplus screen shots

01. Welcome Screen
02. Login Screen
03. Main Screen
04. Clinic Information
05. Export Claims Data
06. Import Claims Data
07. Housekeeping
08. Settings
09. Configure Database Details
10. Backup Database
11. Change Password
12. Change Clinic

01. Employee Master
02. Doctor Master
03. Corporate Clients
04. Patient Details
05. Vendor Master
06. Reference Master
07. User Rights Assignment
08. Item Master
09. Packages
10. Advice/Consultation Master
11. Findings Master
12. Diagnosis Master
13. Treatment Master
14. Investigation Master
15. Symptom Master
16. Allergy Group
17. Bank Master
18. Account Master
19. Document Designer
20. Manage Quick Add Items
21. Combobox Master

01. Patient Queue
02. Visit Entry
      a. General Details
      b. Medical Notes
      c. Diagnosis/Advice
      d. Treatment
      e. Medication
      f. Images/Documents
03. Invoice Based on Claims
04. General Invoice (Without Claims)
05. Bulk Invoice Generation
06. Rejection Entry
07. Payment Entry
08. Debit/Credit Note
09. Expenses Entry
10. Communication Details
11. SMS Module

01. Purchase Order
02. Goods Receive Note
03. Stock Adjustment
04. Drug Movement
05. Goods Delivered Note
06. Invoice Entry
07. Payment Entry
08. Payment Advice
09. Aging Report
10. Outstanding Report (Vendor)
11. Statement of Accounts (Vendor)

   A - Listings
   A01 - Client List & Mailing Labels
   A03 - Employee List
   A04 - Patient List

   B - Accounts / Financial Reports
   B01 - Collection Summary Report
   B03 - Bulk Claims Invoice Printing
   B04 - Bulk General Invoice Printing
   B05 - Bulk Statement of Account Printing
   B06 - Invoice Reports
   B07 - Payment/Dr Note/Cr Note Report
   B08 - Invoice Status
   B09 - Monthly Invoice Summary Report
   B10 - Outstanding Amount Report (Panel)
   B11 - Aging Analysis
   B12 - Statement of Accounts
   B13 - Panel Billing and Payment
   B14 - Payment for Branch Claims
   B15 - Unpaid Invoice Details

   C - Patient Visit & Related Transactions
   C01 - Patient Visit Details
   C02 - Claims Report
   C03 - Patient Schedules List
   C04 - Clinic Visit List Report
   C05 - Patient Visit Summary
   C06 - Outpatient Report
   C07 - Outpatient Payment Summary Report
   C08 - Monthly Claim Report by Panel
   C09 - Cashier Summary Report
   C10 - Doctors Report
   C11 - Visit Summary Reports
   C12 - Patient Attendance Report
   C14 - Panel Patient Summary Report
   C15 - Immunization Report

   D - Drug / Stocks Reports
   D02 - Patient Drug Prescription Report
   D06 - Expiry Stock Reports
   D07 - Purchases Summary
   D08 - Drugs Purchasing Report
   D09 - Pending Order List
   D10 - Goods Delivery Report
   D11 - Ministry of Health Book

   E - Others
   E01 - Permission for Specialist Referral






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