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Ad Hoc Support Services


We are an IT services company specializing in medical software solutions and related services. To-date we have more then 300 clinics in klangvalley area using our clinical management software and maintenance services.

 With the introduction of the new on-line system and on-line claims submission , we foresee the following challenges faced by the participating Medical Providers: 

Not equipped with PCs or PCs/Operating System of the recommended specifications.

Not equipped with broadband access.

No technical expertise to connect the existing PCs to the internet or setting up routers for internet sharing.

Regular virus, adwares, spywares and unwanted pop ups, restricting the availability of PC and internet services.

Abuse of internet services by clinic staffs. (e.g. surfing during working hours, adult contents, etc)

No one-site training on usage of on-line claims submission.

 In line with our core business, which concentrates mostly on GP clinics, we extend the following on-site services to your panels at a  very reasonable charges : 

Supply of PCs and related hardware , installing operating system and browser of  the recommended specification.

Assist clinics in applying for broadband services.

Assist clinics in networking and related hardware configuration.

Assist clinics in setting up security measures to prevent virus, adware, spyware and other threats for the internet.

Assist clinics in setting up security measures to prevent usage abuse by the clinic staffs. (e.g. preventing of surfing during  working hours, adult contents, etc)

Provide on-site training for on-line claims submission.

Please call us at 03-7877 2327 or email us @ info@clinicplus.com.my to set an appointment to discuss further.  It would be our pleasure to demonstrate our capabilities and show you how the unique services would benefit you as Medical Service Providers.  You will immediately see the advantages. 



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Tel : 03-7877 2327     Fax : 03-7877 6327
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